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All Items in King's Store are only available at our King's Skate country location. Please call us at (916)-684-7132 Or come by to see us at 10404 Franklin Blvd.Elk Grove CA.

 A Skate fit for a King

No more cheap plastic Skates that are prone to axle breaks, lack of padding that cause sore feet, and even plastic barrings that won't spin. We at King's Skate know what makes up a quality skate, and what doesn't. We only sell skates that are exquisite to skate in and are meant to last the full lifetime of a skate. 


The Boxer was designed in 1995 and since then as seen many changes. Designed for a beginner who is looking to enter the world of speed skating or for a skater just looking for some fun. The current boxer uses many components that our other skates use so finding parts is easy. This is a standard set up but many upgrades are available including cushions, bearings, and axles. Ideal for a skater looking for speed but will be just a perfect for a skater just looking to skate and have fun.

#Recreation skating and beginner roller derby.


The Sure-Grip Fame is a quality indoor skate for beginners in artistic skating. This skate is made of a vinyl boot with soft microfiber lining, Rock plates, and has Sure-Grip Fame 57mm wheels mounted on Abec-5 bearings. This skate uses Rock brand plates, which are made from ultra tough nylon and compares to Sure-Grip's Probe plate. This means that these are the strongest nylon plates around. There's a reason why it sets a standard in the industry. Sure-Grip designed their Fame boot with comfort in mind and are perfect for a beginner skater. The Fame wheels are the perfect choice for artistic skating, whether you're a beginner or a professional.

#Comfort skating and artistic skating


One of the most comfortable durable speed skates on the market. Riedell R3 Quad Speed Roller Skates - Black Durable vinyl boot with an uncompromised padding level designed to provide comfort and maneuverability. This is a quality entry level skate and at this price an excellent value. Radar delivers a top quality MDI Cayman wheel for the R3 skate. Loaded with grip and roll, they will last longer than any other wheel at this price point. The speed groove technology increases maneuverability without reducing speed.

#Quality comfort and performance


For all those aspiring derby skaters or even just the occasional rink skater, the RW Volt is an affordable and stylish way for kids to venture into roller skating. The Volt is based around a sleek soft-padded boot engineered for a comfortable fit. While the Volt’s main purpose is to ensure an enjoyable skating experience for the first-time skater, its looks and components mean business on the track. A boot design that mimics those of top derby skaters everywhere and full-precision bearings that provide a smooth roll will guarantee second looks from other you pass them by.

#Entry level skating and Recreation skating