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In October of 1947

Lester and Velma King decided to build a place were family and friends can come to "let the good times roll".

In the little town of Franklin

where the population is

only 78, Lester and Velma King began construction of a small 10,000 square foot roller skating facility.

It's unique design was formed by fusing two cylinder shaped, military grade aircraft shelters together.

73 years later, and still owned and operated by the King family today. This little skating shelter plans to help keep the good times rolling!

Elk Grove has even dedicated a community park to Velma & Lester King! You can read more about it here!:

Park Website(click)

Park History(click)

Dan King

In April of 1972 Daniel P. King Opened King's Skate Country In Rancho Cordova Sacramento. From here, and other West coast hot spots, Dan King's Family has offered the joy of Roller-skating to countless people throughout the states of California and Nevada. 

In 1972...

King's Skate Country: 2900 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento, CA 95827

1. The front entrance and Lobby in 1972.

2. Front Redemption Counter early 70's.

3. Hallway from the entrance to the Skate Counter 72.

4. Side Lobby to the right of the Skating Floor 1972.

5. Programmer's Sound Booth in the Early 1970's.

6. Beginning Skate Session in the Early 1970's.

A Little History

Velma and Lester King

Daniel King with his son Tim King