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In October of 1947, in a small community south of Sacramento, Lester and Velma King built a 10,000 square foot roller skating facility in Elk Grove, California. Still owned and operated by the King family today. 

In April of 1972 Daniel P. King Opened King's Skate Country In Rancho Cordova Sacramento. 


Over these 70 years that we have been in service, our Franklin location has changed its look many times. Each time representing a chapter in our long history.  One thing that has resisted change over time is our dedication to offering Elk Grove a safe, and reliable location for families to come and enjoy themselves. 


Elk Grove has even dedicated a community park to Velma & Lester King! You can read more about it here!:

Park Website(click)

Park History(click)


A Bit of History

Lester and Velma King

Dan King

Dan King with his son Tim King

Dan, Jeanette, Tim, & Paul King